Here are our directors. All of them have many talents. We also work with a lot more talented people.


Juha Ilmari Laine

Juha is a director, writer, producer and animatior working with No-Office on short films, commercials, music videos and documentaries. His instagram animation series “Kansan kasvot” has been a viral smash hit.

Juha loves good ideas, great concepts and weird details


Vertti Virkajärvi

Vertti is right at home when depicting fun and touching every day situations. His short film “Stand Up” premiered at the prestige Raindance Film Festival and is a great example of his view of the world. Vertti is also our super-producer and is writing his first feature “Teleporting Mr. Rabbit


Hannu Aukia

Hannu is a Los Angeles based director, producer and writer. He loves to hold the camera too. Hannu is known from his naturalistic style, but ventures happily to more stylistic storytelling as well. His first feature Someone Somewhere is in theaters near you soon. Hannu divides his time between LA and Helsinki.

Hannu Aukia has been awarded with Emma, GrandOne, Voitto and Vuoden Huiput awards.